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Lyli J releases new track 'Ether'

Lily Jordy, known musically as Lyli J, is a French-American instrumentalist, singer, and electronic producer with a rather nomadic upbringing.

Moving across over 10 countries in the past 3 decades, she soon realised that music was her home within. Her unique sound mixes elements of trip hop, ambient and indie electronica with complex IDM-like grooves that weave a tapestry underneath crystalline, Celtic melodies.

She just returned with her first 2023 original new track titled 'Ether'. The song was inspired by a sketch the artist made on 2011 and which turned out to be one of her very first tracks on a DAW. She wrote the lyrics at the time and 12 years later, she remembered those exact haunting lyrics again and decided to bring them to life more evocative with inspiring melodies and textures. Although the sound mimics grains and desert wind, the main pad and ethereal vocals are more of a tribute to the Nordic sky where you would spot an aurora borealis - Lyli's favorite atmosphere.

Listen below:

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