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Madeleine New Album 'Stoned & Bored' Out June 10, 2022

Madeleine is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN, and although she’s from that country music capital, she’s not strictly a country music artist. Yes, one can hear a touch of twang coming through her Stoned & Bored album, but there is also so much more than just that. Yep, there’s a lot of variety going on her.

Three tracks in, for instance, Madeleine goes a bit Bowie-esque on “Starpower.” The song’s lyric sounds like something Bowie might have written for his character Major Tom. Sonically, though, Madeleine sounds a touch like Kacey Musgraves. Musgraves got her start in country music, but soon tore down any genre boundaries that may have attempted to keep her fenced in there. Similarly, Madeleine sounds playful – both musically and lyrically – on this song that wishes for a little space

travel escapism.


The album’s title track is a propulsive pop-rock song, driven by melodic electric guitar. The track incorporates multi-tracked vocals, which give it an extra strong melodic through line. Madeleine sings it joyfully, like someone who is loving life – whether chemically or non-chemically made to feel this way. Although Madeleine mostly sounds happy on this effort, a slower one titled “Chesterfield Checkered Blue” has her sounding sad. It’s a stripped down, acoustic song that especially features a hurt Madeleine vocal.

“Wisconsin” is another acoustic track, this time colored by acoustic piano. Madeleine sings this one with a slight yodel in her voice, which is quite becoming. One doesn’t hear many songs with “Wisconsin” either in, or as its title. This is a stark exception to that rule. It finds Madeleine begging her “darling” to take her to that cheese-associated state on the very next trek out that way.

With “Lime Green,” Madeleine sings over a more percussion-driven track. Once again, though, that enjoyable yodel sound returns to Madeleine’s vocal for this recording. “Nothing feels the same anymore,” Madeleine sings during this more upbeat, but no less downbeat-ed lyric. “Older” is one more rocker. On it, Madeleine sings about being unafraid of getting older.

The album concludes on a high note with “Bad For You.” Madeleine sings it over a nicely jangly guitar accompaniment. “Sometimes, you don’t know what’s bad for you,” Madeleine sings its words truthfully. Yes, we’re told every day about foods, for example, that are either good or bad for us. However, many circumstances in our lives don’t come with such clear health warnings either way. Unfortunately, when it comes to stuff that’s bad for us, emotionally, we sometimes only find out after the fact and too late. The damage has already been done.

Although this album contains nine tracks, it still clocks in at under a half-hour. Nothing on it lasts more than four minutes long, though, as Madeleine keeps her songs short and to the point. Like a fine pop songwriter. She has a sweet, female vocal style, which she matches to melodically memorable songs. And you just can’t go wrong with a winning combination like that. If you’re stoned, bored or both, this collection is nearly certain to cheer you up and keep you entertained.

-Dan MacIntosh



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