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Marco Spiezia delivers fulfilling soul pop single 'Feelin' Set'

Marco Spiezia, born in Southern Italy and brought up in Cornwall, has etched his creative journey with influences ranging from Mediterranean warmth to the allure of British surf. Growing up surrounded by the melodic musings of Hendrix, Battisti, and Nina Simone, Marco's passion for music became his life's rhythm, leading him to craft a distinctive fusion of pop, soul, and swing, enveloped in an irresistible dose of good vibes.

Having embarked on multiple musical ventures as a solo artist and collaborator with other British bands, Marco's artistic evolution has culminated in a genre-bending sound that blends nuances of soul, pop and easy listening. His musical odyssey began in 2009 when he joined forces with Mike Hatton, an accomplished guitarist, and together, they embarked on live performances at Cornwall's finest beach venues and international festivals.

After dedicating a decade to other projects, including Mojis, Marco Spiezia rekindled his passion for music production. In 2023, he is now set to release a series of songs that showcases the incredible diversity of his musical psyche.

Marco returns with the highly anticipated first instalment of his sophomore album, unveiling the mesmerising soul-pop single 'Feelin Set.' Exuding the alluring essence of retro soul music, this dynamic track perfectly encapsulates Marco's artistic essence. His ability to harmoniously blend pop and soul elements, intertwined with enchanting pop-woven melodies, creates a soul-stirring experience that resonates deeply with listeners.

With infectious danceable rhythms and a touch of swing, 'Feelin Set' irresistibly compels you to move to its contagious beat. More in the uplifting sphere of retro soul music, this dynamic seems to suit Marco perfectly. It's feel-good music that hits that sweet spot between pop and soul, with smooth and enjoyable pop-woven melodies amongst the soul instrumentation.

A royal return for this dazzling artist, and we can't wait to hear the new album.

Stream 'Feelin' Set here:


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