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Mark Duggan is set to release his new single 'Lullaby (I'll Be There)'

Waterford based singer and songwriter Mark Duggan is about to release his latest single 'Lullaby (I'll Be There)' which he wrote and produced entirely in his home studio. His music combines folk and indie with electronic elements. Taking inspiration from Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Joni Mitchel, Markt started to release music in 2018 and his singles 'Promenade Firework Show' and 'As The Sun Hits The Day Down' have previously reached wider audiences.

Featuring a nostalgic ballad sound, the track completes its heartfelt guitars and sincere lyrics. Mark himself describes it as an attempt to a mid-to-late 70s Bowie song. The ambient tones and layered guitars give this one a truly special, late-night, dreamy vibe.

In his own words, Mark explains how this track is about the narrator giving comfort to someone who can't sleep at night and promises to be there until the sun rises in the morning. With the reason of why the person is aware kept unsure, Mark aims to provide the opportunity for listeners to apply their own reasons for sleeplessness.

Finishing the track with a dramatic build up to the final few lines and harmonies as well as hazy slide guitars creating an emotional release, Mark designed the ending to create the sound of a sunrise.

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