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Mark Howard's Serenade to Lost Love in "Scarlette"

Mark Howard, a singer-songwriter hailing from Phillip Island, Australia, unveils a poignant tribute to lost love with his latest pop-rock single, "Scarlette". This soul-stirring composition transcends mere music, delving deep into the realm where memories intertwine with melody. Indeed, crafted amidst the whispers of the ocean and the rustling of coastal vegetation, "Scarlette" transcends both time and emotion.

Mixed by Dave Prideaux of Sunderland Studio and mastered by Andy Stewart at The Mill, the song carries listeners on a journey through the labyrinth of Mark's personal experiences, offering a glimpse into the bittersweet tapestry of love and loss.

Mark Howard's introspective lyrics and emotive vocals weave a story of longing and regret. As Mark reflects on the creative process behind "Scarlette", he shares, "The song was first workshopped with my previous band on a rainy day in Cape Woolamai. Once the opening lyric, 'She breaks,' came bursting out, I knew what direction the song would take, but it would eventually take a few years to find the right sonic atmosphere."

With a musical career spanning across 45 countries, Mark Howard has earned critical acclaim for his evocative storytelling and genre-defying sound. Drawing inspiration from the vast ocean, the untamed wilderness, and the universal language of music, Mark infuses his compositions with a raw authenticity that is sure to resonate with audiences worldwide.


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