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Memorable Hip-hop From Ree-Mo

Ree-Mo delivers a truly memorable hip-hop track with his new single 'Pipe Down'. This is a high-energy song that's abundant with attitude and swag. It's uplifting vibe is sure to give you a confidence boost.

Ree-Mo is experimenting a little with this latest release, as the track marks a move away from an older sound and a step in a new direction. “Pipe Down” is the first of his tracks to have a switch in flow and his first foray into something a little more artistic.

The video for 'Pipe Down' is pretty damn epic. The artistic, experimental side to Ree-Mo is instantly clear in the visual, with it's grain and gritty overlay. There is an interesting play on light throughout too, as Ree-Mo does his thing with full-on charisma. The song will seriously have you perked up, and ready to get out and do your thing too!

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, home to the likes of Jay-Z & Biggie, so it's no wonder that he has followed suit. His parents too, were prolific music-listeners. Ree-Mo states “Ever since doing music I’ve been a better person. Life seems a lot calmer and slowed down. I have learned how to make decisions that will impact me in a much better and greater way. Looking forward to the new opportunity’s music has to offer.”

Although Ree-Mo is just starting out his musical career, he’s produced two other singles too, and this latest release shows that this is truly a talent on the rise. He is looking forward to connecting more with new listeners and sharing his passion with others.

“Pipe Down” is available now on all major platforms. For more information and to stay updated on upcoming projects, follow Ree-Mo on Instagram.

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Brittany Russell
Brittany Russell
Apr 09, 2021

Pipe Down is definitely a hit!!

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