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Midnight Pool Party Unveils Captivating New Single 'ON YOUR MIND'

Australian musical duo Midnight Pool Party is making waves in the music scene once again with their latest single, 'ON YOUR MIND'. After a productive weekend writing session in a cozy beach-side cabin, the talented pair has returned with a fresh collection of demos that are sure to captivate their fans. The duo has stepped back into their classic disco-inspired sound, infusing it with powerful dance and house elements that will undoubtedly get hearts pounding. 'ON YOUR MIND' is an anthem of empowerment, exploring the lingering emotions after a breakup and the realization that moving on can lead to a brighter future.

Midnight Pool Party has always been known for their unique fusion of disco and dance elements, creating a signature sound that has garnered them a dedicated following. 'ON YOUR MIND' marks a significant return to these roots, reminding fans of the infectious energy that first captured their hearts. The duo's writing retreat provided the perfect setting to channel their creativity, resulting in the birth of this catchy and powerful single.

Discussing the inception of 'ON YOUR MIND', the duo reveals the song's surprisingly swift birth. The process began with a simple chord progression and a beat, which soon evolved into the foundation of the track. The inspiration struck like lightning, and in just half an hour, the demo started taking shape. One-half of the duo, Ollie, left the other member with the beat for a mere 30 minutes, during which the lyrics and melody began to flow effortlessly. Within 20 minutes, the song was born on the balcony of their coastal retreat, and the rest, as they say, is history.

'ON YOUR MIND' delves into the raw emotions that follow a breakup, focusing on the feelings of being constantly on someone's mind long after the relationship has ended. The lyrics depict a journey of healing, acceptance, and self-realization. As the protagonist reflects on the past, they discover that they are better off without their former partner. The track strikes a chord with its relatable theme of moving forward, letting go of the past, and embracing the newfound freedom of destiny.

The song's emotional journey and themes of growth and acceptance resonate deeply with audiences from all walks of life. Everyone has experienced the lingering memories of past relationships and the process of healing. 'ON YOUR MIND' serves as a reminder that acknowledging personal growth and moving on are essential steps in finding happiness and fulfillment.


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