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Moonshine Heavies Rock On with New Single 'Two Fingers'

Moonshine Heavies, the London-based Alt-Rock quintet, has returned with a vibrant and breezy new single titled 'Two Fingers'. Following the success of their previous releases, the band continues to impress with their infectious indie exploits, classic rock undertones, and a strikingly complete sound. Produced at Lightship 95 Studios by Giles Barrett and Dave Holmes, 'Two Fingers' brings together bopping bass lines, intricate guitar work, and tight drums, complemented by husky, catchy, and charismatic lead vocals, delivering a high-octane yet thoughtful sonic experience.

The heart of 'Two Fingers' lies beneath its hazy summer vibes, delving into the concept of expressing frustration after a breakup by raising two fingers, the iconic "V sign". The lyrics convey the feeling of thinking you know someone intimately, only to realize they are a stranger in disguise. Moonshine Heavies beautifully explores the emotions that surface when someone hides their selfishness behind a facade of selflessness. Rather than wallowing in sadness, the song encourages listeners to dust themselves off, hit the dance floor, and raise two fingers instead.

As the track progresses, the infectious chorus is accompanied by a wash of vocal harmonies, lending an ethereal shimmer to the vibrant lead. Gradually building up, 'Two Fingers' treats listeners to not one but two instrumental guitar breaks, paying homage to the band's 70s rock influences. The song culminates in a climactic final chorus, leaving the audience captivated and yearning for more.

Moonshine Heavies has already established themselves as one of London's most thrilling live rock bands. Having headlined shows at iconic venues like the O2 Academy Islington and London's Camden Assembly, the band has garnered a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim. Their upcoming shows at Camden Rocks and 93 Feet East, along with their participation in War Child UK's 'RISING' campaign, promise to further elevate their reputation as an exciting and dynamic force in the music scene.

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