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Morpheus Project By Mustafa Khetty: Unleashing a Musical Diatribe with ‘Steal For What?’

The Morpheus Project is more than just a band; it's a musical adventure that breaks boundaries and defies genre constraints. This prog collective brings together virtuoso musicians and boundaryless songwriting to create a sound that is uniquely rich and restlessly creative. From explosive rock moments to intricate and culturally diverse compositions, Morpheus Project showcases their vast talent on the upcoming 7-track album 'On The Edge'.

At the center of their recent release, 'Steal For What?', lies an emotionally charged, lyrically explosive commentary on the pervasive corruption and wealth disparity plaguing our society. The track artfully dissects the people at the heart of this issue, shining a light on the dark realities of corporate greed, public apathy, and ineffective legal systems. Mustafa Khetty's poignant vocals and the band's multifaceted instrumentation weave together a tapestry of flamenco-inspired nylon strung guitars, driving bass, rhythmic drums, and subtle electronics. The result is a melodic yet pointed central hook, surrounded by tight harmonies that leave an indelible mark on listeners.

Mustafa Khetty, the driving force behind Morpheus Project, is a man of many facets. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, including Sri Lanka, Ireland, London, and the Middle East, he has lived an adventurous life as a commodities trader, tech expert, and traveler. Immersed in classical, choral, and prog rock from a young age, his childhood dream of becoming a musician was initially thwarted by his Sri Lankan parents. However, the desire to create music never waned. After experiencing the harsh realities of Wall Street and a successful stint in the tech industry, he finally decided to follow his true passion for music, leading to the birth of Morpheus Project.

Mustafa draws inspiration from a lifetime of travel and exposure to diverse cultures and sounds. This wealth of experiences culminates in The Morpheus Project's distinctive fusion of classic progressive rock with global influences. The band's lineup features acclaimed guitarist Alex Huthchings, virtuoso bass player Anton Davidyants, and the powerful vocals of Mitchell Emms, each contributing their unique flair to the band's signature sound.

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