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Munan Takes Us on a Psychedelic Ride with 'Mr. Taxi Driver'

South Korean-Australian artist Munan is back with a captivating new single titled 'Mr. Taxi Driver'. Known for his cruisy lo-fi/psychedelic-rock sound, Munan has once again delivered a mesmerizing track that showcases his unique musical style. With its hazy atmosphere and intricate instrumentation, 'Mr. Taxi Driver' takes listeners on a journey through the artist's introspective thoughts and struggles with repetitive patterns. Let's delve deeper into the creative process behind this captivating song.

Munan initially started working on 'Mr. Taxi Driver' late last year by re-sampling the drums from one of his previous singles, 'Freak Like Me.' However, unforeseen circumstances forced him to pause the project temporarily as he had to find a new living space and set up a fresh studio. Fortunately, with the support of his talented circle of creative friends, Munan resumed work on the track and painstakingly refined it until he was satisfied with the final result.

In his own words, Munan shared, "I wrote ‘Mr. Taxi Driver’ late last year after re-sampling the drums from my previous single ‘Freak Like Me' and made it more lo-fi with FX and tape saturations." He continued, "I am a huge fan of creating songs with a variation of two chords and only a handful of instruments that have been manipulated and squashed into something gritty and colorful." Munan's dedication to crafting a unique sonic experience is evident in the meticulous production of the song.

While 'Mr. Taxi Driver' primarily revolves around the struggle of being unable to get home late at night, Munan also infuses the song with a profound personal message. He explains, "The song is mainly about not being able to get home late at night. The only person you can rely on is the taxi driver. Metaphorically speaking, the taxi driver is the sober ‘you’. When you’re not yourself and make the same mistakes repeatedly, you beg to yourself to never do it again. But bad habits don’t change.".

Listen below:


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