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Myles Maxwell Releases Brooding Melancholic Track 'Sorry, for Ghosting You'

Indie artist Myles Maxwell has recently released his new single 'Sorry, for Ghosting You'. Located in Los Angeles, CA, all Myles Maxwell's tracks are based on life experiences, and inspired by genres of music from classical to punk to hip hop to new age. We take a closer listen and gain a little more insight into the artistic world of the artist...

After a conversation by the pool with some friends about why people “ghost” one another, Maxwell has done some soul-searching and wrote this song based on why he himself ghosts others... he has had to make peace with the fact that things don’t always end up the way we like in this mad world. The ethereal guitar on this sad bop are beautifully interwoven with experimental synth and a stand-out lead vocal. The song is a melancholic and dreamy Californian rock track with tons of heart-felt emotion from the artist. The raw energy on this shines through and really makes this a song you must savour from start to finish.

Inspirations include The Beatles, Chris Cornell, Pink Floyd, Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead. Elements of Hip-hop and Pop enter into Maxwell's music here and there, but we can always hear great songwriting at its core and a sophisticated musical composition at play.

Hear the track for yourself:

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