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NAVII's Shares Stunning Fusion of R&B And Pop In Recent Single 'EASY ON ME'

Stockholm's NAVII has dropped 'EASY ON ME,' a single that not only highlights his growing prowess but also signals exciting things to come with his upcoming EP, 'majorminor.' 'EASY ON ME' offers a sophisticated mix of R&B, pop, and soul, showcasing NAVII's ability to blend genres effortlessly. Collaborating with the celebrated Etta Zelmani, known for her work with BTS and Galantis, the duo creates a seamless fusion of vibrant vocals and dynamic soundscapes.

Lyrically, 'EASY ON ME' explores the delicate balance of love and vulnerability. NAVII and Etta Zelmani craft a narrative that speaks to the need for gentleness in the face of falling in love. The track opens with an intriguing vintage speech sample before diving into a lively arrangement. Setting the tone for the track, the sample says, “Maybe it’s love? Maybe it’s not. I’ve got a feeling love doesn’t have to be the way you say it is.” We’ve all felt this kind of confusion when entering into a relationship, and now NAVII has just given us a reason to sing about it. NAVII’s sharp vocals cut in, in a satisfying transition into the track’s funky sonic atmosphere. Sharp R&B-meets-pop drums burst in, complimented by the groovy bassline that propels the track forward. Sparkly synths shine throughout the track like stars, playing off NAVII’s vocal melodies. They dance in and around NAVII’s and Etta’s vocal lines, and add a beautiful depth to the landscape of the track. 

The track is further enriched by the instrumental talents of Per Berglin on guitar and David Lecander on bass. These two skilled instrumentalists have also added their flair to more tracks on the upcoming EP ‘majorminor’. NAVII recalls the creation process fondly, noting,

"Usually, I'll mimic how I hear the instruments playing in my head, and these guys turn around and do the exact same thing but a thousand times better. One day in the studio, while working on other songs, I played this beat idea for Etta. Her excitement was infectious, and within an hour, we had the structure of the song—a blend of delicate, sensitive, serious, and playful elements."

Formerly known as Martin Masarov, NAVII's musical journey took a pivotal turn during a trip to Bulgaria, where he discovered traditional Bulgarian folk music while working on the country's Eurovision entry. This experience introduced unique textures and rhythms to his music, influencing his new direction.

NAVII's versatility as an artist, producer, and songwriter shines through in his genre-blending style. As he takes centre stage with 'EASY ON ME,' NAVII offers up a fresh pop-meets-R&B style, setting the stage for the much-anticipated release of 'majorminor' this winter.




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