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New Release: MADNIK - 'B.O.N.G'

Swiss artist MADNIK has already solidified his presence in the music scene this year, delivering a plethora of captivating and immersive gems like 'PHOENIX,' 'TRUTH,' and 'ADDICTED.' Now, he continues his prolific streak with the vibrant and exhilarating new single, 'B.O.N.G.'

'B.O.N.G' showcases MADNIK's undeniable talent, combining shimmering electronic aesthetics with his atmospheric vocal performance. This track further cements his rise as one of the most enchanting artists on the horizon. Filled with warm and inviting textures throughout, MADNIK's latest release exudes a sense of something truly special on the horizon. When asked about the meaning behind 'B.O.N.G,' MADNIK stated, "Don't be afraid of being free. Be true to yourself, pursue your passions, and trust that everything will work out fine. Because it will!" He adds further, "This track came to life after a memorable vacation. We rented an apartment with a balcony that overlooked a swimming pool. One evening, while it was dark and I was feeling a little euphoric, I accidentally fell backward off the balcony and landed in the pool. I wanted to capture that exact feeling I had while falling in this song—the mix of excitement, fear, and ultimate freedom." Listen to MADNIK ‘B.O.N.G Twitter / Instagram


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