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Nick Rannikko Shares His Most Personal Track Yet - 'More'

Hailing from Belchertown, Massachusetts, Nick Rannikko is a hard-working producer/mixing engineer in the music scene, producing vibrant tunes as well as integrating his dynamic vocals into the tracks. Getting into music from an incredibly young age, Nick knew music was his calling. Unveiling his new single ‘More’ on September 17th, Nick credits the making of this song as finding himself as an artist. Deeply personal and darkly emotive, ‘More’ opens with a lo-fi ambience and plunges the listener into a soaring chorus that shows off Nick’s sleek vocals.

Nick Rannikko on the meaning behind ‘More’:

“In a literal sense, More is about being lied to and led on but you can't help the fact that thinking about the other person only gets worse. You only want more of what they have to offer. More to me means moving on. Finding new ground and releasing built-up tension. It means acceptance and growth.”

Listen to 'More':

For Nick Rannikko, making music is his export for his emotions. His musical endeavour began at the young age of 12, where he experimented with programs that allowed him to make his own music. Pushing himself throughout his teenage years to perfect the art of mixing, mastering and producing, Nick finally released his first song at the age of 18. Previously releasing singles ‘Fucked Up’ and ‘In The End’, Nick matured his style as an artist with his latest single ‘Wake Up’, which he created while living with his cousin in Brooklyn before the pandemic hit. Frustrated with having to move back to Belchertown, Nick was concerned for his music without the creative inspirations that his life in Brooklyn gave him, however, he decided to channel those feelings into his music and ended up attending Berklee College of Music.

While at Berklee, Nick made a connection with his peer Aidan which propelled him into producing an EP with him called ‘Haze’ under the band name Twenty-Somethin. The project improved his production and engineering skills immensely and has made him the artist he is today. Nick Rannikko’s unveils his most authentic track yet with ‘More’.

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