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Nightjarr's "Holding Onto Time" Captures the Essence of Summertime Bliss

Nightjarr, the exciting new electro-dance project led by Australian/Hong Kong artist Bernice Au, is making waves in the music scene with her latest single, "Holding Onto Time". This captivating track, co-written and featuring the talented Newcastle singer/songwriter Jingle, combines pulsing beats, spacey synths, and Jingle's silky-smooth vocals to create a perfect slice of summertime goodness.

‘Holding Onto Time’ is about our perception of time and how it can be influenced by various factors," Nightjarr explains. The song serves as a reminder to let go of things that no longer serve us and to cherish the small moments in life. The initial work on this track began in 2021, just before Nightjarr underwent double-ankle surgery, followed by a lengthy recovery period. The experience instilled in her a sense of urgency to complete the song, inspiring her to capture a carefree summertime vibe while expressing the significance of appreciating life's fleeting moments.

Nightjarr embarked on the creative journey for "Holding Onto Time" during two summer sessions. Her primary goal was to encapsulate the carefree essence of a holiday and infuse it into the track. She had a great time playing around with samples, fine-tuning subtle elements, and meticulously constructing the drum and percussive elements to harmonize with the overall vibe. Originally intended to be an instrumental, the song took an exciting turn when Jingle heard it. Captivated by the music, he felt compelled to contribute lyrics and vocals, further enriching the composition.

Jingle, a singer/songwriter from Newcastle, brought a fresh perspective to "Holding Onto Time". Reflecting on the theme of our perception of time, Jingle's lyrics were inspired by the impact of lockdown on our experiences. He explores how a seemingly endless situation, when viewed in retrospect, can feel like a fleeting moment. Embracing a narration-style delivery, Jingle's vocals lend a unique and captivating touch to the track, complementing Nightjarr's instrumental prowess.

Nightjarr's "Holding Onto Time" is a vibrant and infectious electro-dance track that effortlessly captures the essence of summertime bliss. Through its pulsing beats, spacey synths, and Jingle's mesmerizing vocals, the song invites listeners to reflect on their perception of time and savor the little things in life. The collaboration between Nightjarr and Jingle has resulted in a musical masterpiece that marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their artistic journeys. "Holding Onto Time" is now available on all major streaming platforms, allowing music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in its irresistible charm. So, don't miss out on this sensational release and let Nightjarr's enchanting music transport you to sun-soaked days and carefree moments.


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