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NXTHXN's "One Time" Delivers an Unforgettable R&B and Afrobeats Fusion

If you haven’t heard "One Time" by NXTHXN yet, you’re seriously missing out. This track is an absolute banger that highlights his mastery of R&B and Soul genres. Coming straight out of London, NXTHXN has already made waves by working with icons like Grace Jones, Jocelyn Brown, and WizKid. His new single is just another feather in his cap, showing off his incredible versatility and deep musical roots.

"One Time" is the perfect showcase of NXTHXN's wide-ranging influences, from his Christian-Caribbean upbringing to his love for Gospel, reggae, rock, and pop. This eclectic mix has helped him carve out a unique spot in the music scene, leading to collaborations with big names like Stormzy, Ghetts, Bugzy Malone, Little Simz, and many more.

The production on this track, handled by the talented Delirious, is top-notch. It combines NXTHXN's silky R&B vocals with a vibrant Afrobeats rhythm, making the song feel both timeless and fresh. You can hear the influence of artists like Chris Brown, Burna Boy, and Rotimi in the mix.

Talking about the release, NXTHXN describes,

"Linking up with Delirious, who’s the producer on this track, really changed the game for me. He’s incredible at adding that Afrobeats flavour, and that’s exactly what I wanted for my next release. Inspired by the likes of Chris Brown, Burna Boy and Rotimi — I wanted to create a vibe that seamlessly blends my R&B vocals with an Afrobeats twist. For me, this song is all about that deep, universal need to feel loved, and sharing a special moment with someone, even if it’s just for one time. The lyrics aim to evoke that intense, intimate vibe, making every moment count… It’s about making that one time unforgettable."

The lyrics and the dynamic production work together to create an intense, intimate vibe that makes "One Time" unforgettable. This single is a major milestone in NXTHXN's journey, showing off his evolving artistry and leaving fans craving more. So keep an eye on NXTHXN—he’s got more groundbreaking music coming your way soon.

Listen to One Time on SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC

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