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ORCA releases hauntingly dreamy new track “Out Of Reach”

ORCA is the brain child of multi-instrumentalist Lydia Eastman who taught herself to play guitar at age 12 and jammed out with friends in garage bands that played local talent shows during the early 2000s. These formative years were defined by a love for The Beatles and The Cranberries as well as moody 2000s melody-driven emo bands like Eisley and Deas Vail. After taking a few years off of playing music to attend college for linguistics where she spent all of her free time traveling the world, Lydia finally returned to the music scene during the Covid-19 pandemic to form ORCA in Honolulu, HI.

ORCA’s latest single, Insomnia, was released in January 2023 and it features Lydia’s sister, Sarah, as a vocalist alongside Lydia. The pair worked together to weave lyrical content that slowly pulls you in and then keeps you with an ear catching chorus.

The artist just returned with a new track. “Out of Reach” is a hauntingly dreamy song about introspection, frustration, and acceptance. In this single, ORCA combines clear female vocals with whimsical surf guitar tones that are reminiscent of bands like Eisley and The Cranberries. In addition to the guitars, the incorporation of moody synth, keyboards, and echoing reverb builds a dream-like atmosphere that invites the listener to sit back and fall just out of reach.

The ocean is often where Lydia finds inspiration for her art. Her passion for the water is often reflected in her surf guitar tones and photography. The cover art for this single features Lydia reaching for sunbeams that shine through the underwater caverns and lava tubes that are found in Hawaii. The cover art is a reflection of the mood that emanates from “Out of Reach”, which is meant to be a representation of accepting the present and letting go of any frustration caused by focusing on things that are “sitting just out reach”.

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