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Orion Redwolf: A Sonic Visionary on the Rise

Orion Redwolf is quickly emerging as a transformative force in the music world. Known for his emotive and introspective style, Redwolf’s music defies conventional genre boundaries, blending elements of folk, rock, and jazz to create a unique and captivating sound. His rich, bendy vocals and intricate guitar work have garnered him a dedicated following, and his ability to craft deeply personal yet universally resonant songs sets him apart in today’s music scene.

Redwolf’s upcoming single, ‘Glow’, marks a significant milestone in his career. Part of a series of monthly releases that will extend well into 2025, ‘Glow’ exemplifies his evolving artistry. This single, along with his recent release ‘Stormy Days’, represents his first collaboration with a co-producer on his own material. Working with Matt Wyatt, known for his jazz-oriented drumming, has added a new dimension to Redwolf’s music. Recorded at Wyatt’s personal studio, Tree and Booms, ‘Glow’ features a rich tapestry of sounds, including slide guitars and a Wurlitzer, set against Wyatt’s dynamic drumming.

Orion comments: "Working with Matt really required me to be able to externalize my ideas in a new way. I’m so used to being able to sit down and fluidly execute so having to communicate changes required me to be intentional and mindful. In the same way that I trust my band live, I am stoked to have been able to trust another with my music in studio."

Orion Redwolf’s music often draws from his personal experiences and childhood memories, weaving them into his songs with imaginative storytelling. His lyrics, inspired by reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales as a child, transport listeners into a magical world, making ‘Glow’ a standout track. Longtime collaborator Elie Bashkow also contributes to the song, adding to its enchanting quality.

With his innovative sound and evocative compositions, Orion Redwolf is not just a musician but a sonic visionary. As he continues to release new music, fans can expect to be taken on a journey through his fantastical and deeply emotional world.

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