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Oslo-based trio The Holy Mountain is back with "Remains Unsaid"

Prepare to embark on a musical adventure unlike any other as The Holy Mountain, a genre-bending trio hailing from Oslo, Norway, unveils a tantalizing glimpse of their upcoming EP "They Are Asleep". With their latest release, "Remains Unsaid", get ready to be swept away by a mesmerizing blend of synth-pop mastery that defies expectations and transports listeners to uncharted territories.

"Remains Unsaid" is a hauntingly beautiful composition that showcases the distinctive talents of The Holy Mountain's members: Andreas Angell's mesmerizing accordion wizardry, Catharina Janner Røed's ethereal vocals, and Aleksander Tidemann's captivating synthesis of electronic beats and melodies. Together, they weave a spellbinding tapestry of sound that delves into the intricate depths of a relationship on the brink of dissolution.

Lyrically, "Remains Unsaid" explores the tumultuous journey of navigating the complexities of love and loss. Through its evocative lyrics and lush instrumentation, the track captures the bittersweet dance of conflict and longing, leading listeners on an emotional rollercoaster from shock and clarity to the profound serenity of acceptance. It's an odyssey that invites you to embrace the unknown, confront the past's demons, and ultimately find liberation in letting go.

With "Remains Unsaid", The Holy Mountain beckons you to join them on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. So, heed the call, and let the music carry you away to places you've never been before.


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