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Patient Release Electrifying New Single ‘Bon Voyage’

Patient, the dynamic 5-piece band hailing from Southern Georgia and Florida, has once again electrified the music scene with their latest single, "Bon Voyage." Known for their captivating blend of rock, pop-punk, and post-hardcore, Patient has quickly risen to prominence since their emergence in the latter part of the pandemic's inaugural year.

"Bon Voyage" is a hard-hitting track that masterfully showcases Patient’s ability to blend sonically explosive sounds with deeply emotive subject matter. The song delves into the tumultuous mental state of someone going through a difficult breakup, channelling raw emotions of loss, anger, and separation into a musical experience that culminates in an explosive crescendo of emotion and rage. 

The impactful drum patterns, impassioned vocal delivery, and headbanging breakdowns in "Bon Voyage" create a heavier pop-punk offering that leans significantly towards post-hardcore. This track not only highlights Patient’s versatility but also their knack for producing music that resonates deeply with listeners.


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