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Prianca RA Opens Up About Depression In New Single 'NOTICED'

Leicester-based British-Indian singer-songwriter Prianca RA just returned with an emotional and personal track named 'Noticed'. The singer has her own unique sound in which she incorporates her multicultural identity.

Listeners can relate to the turmoil that comes with suffering in silence as she opens out about her mental health struggles in her songs. With a strong desire to help others, Prianca RA uses music to increase awareness of mental health issues and lessen the stigma associated with it and this new song is no exception.

Prianca exposes the early phases of depression in this brand-new song, before she received an official diagnosis. This song is also a tribute to the singer's grandmother, who was the first person to realize Prianca's condition. Deep inside, she knew she had depression, but the singer was completely in denial about it out of fear of the consequences and of what it truly meant.

At that time, Prianca questioned herself: "I knew I had depression I just didn’t want to admit it to myself because I was scared about what it might mean - does it mean I’m ill? Does it mean I’m unable to get through my life?"

Things a lot of people might have wondered and with this song, Prianca hopes that others will realise it is fine to feel that way.

With "Noticed", the singer continues her mental health awareness campaign and aspires to help others.

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