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Producer MarMar releases new atmospheric-house track "Phoenix"

MarMar is an American producer currently residing in France, where he is carving out a unique niche for himself by blending garage-house with indie-dance music. He is known for his ability to craft tracks that are both emotive and uplifting, with a sound that has been compared to a mix between Duskus, BAYNK, and Wes Mills.

MarMar's latest release, "Phoenix", is a testament to his ability to tell a story through music. The track was inspired by a conversation with an old friend from Arizona, where MarMar grew up. Although he experienced some of the toughest times of his life there, he still has a deep love for the state, and he finds beauty in the fact that, despite the challenges he faced, he was able to create something meaningful from his past. "Phoenix" is a track that is all about redemption. It's about overcoming adversity and finding hope in the darkest of places. The beat is infectious, with a driving bassline that propels the track forward, while the melody is bright and uplifting, capturing the feeling of triumph and optimism that comes with overcoming hardship.

After taking a break from music over the last few months, MarMar is making a comeback with "Phoenix," which is just the first in a collection of new singles that he has planned for release throughout the year. His move from Colorado to Hem, a town in the north of France, may have interrupted his creative flow for a little while, but it's clear that he's back in full force and ready to make his mark on the music scene once again. MarMar's ability to blend genres and tell stories through his music is what sets him apart from other producers in the industry.


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