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Progressive Rockers The Drunk Monks Drop New Single ‘Therapy Song’

Aussie progressive rock group The Drunk Monks only formed during lockdown 2020 yet they sound like they’ve been writing together a lot longer. Their unique and kooky sound is pretty damn infectious.

Building off their last release “Decimated Days”, The Drunk Monks are back with “Therapy Song”. Through their music the band addresses themes of ‘addiction, mental health, loneliness, isolation, mayhem & all things in-between’, and they are here to offer hope and reassurance to anyone who wants to listen. The Drunk Monks’ extremely diverse influences and unbridled dedication forge the foundation of their sound. Their raw rock sound tinged with psychedelia is winning over fans quickly.

‘Therapy Song’ has a dark, trippy edge to it, and a raucous anger. A distorted lead vocal will shake your soul, as will the guitar and synthesised melodies ripping through the arrangement.

Doc the lead singer and guitarist recruited J Byrd James the bassist, Mongoose the drummer, and Dill-Meister the synthesizer and guitar player, to bend the very fabric of reality by journeying to the deepest corners of the creative consciousness. The Drunk Monks are in a constant state of becoming, relentlessly dedicating themselves to re-inventing the connection between creative art and life while warping expectations on popular music and performance. This is a song for people all over the world right now - we've got a fresh start ahead of us with the new year yet there's a lot of healing to do - this song can be your therapy.

It’s time to tell everyone that The Drunk Monks make sense in a time that just doesn’t.

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