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ROZZZQWEEN Unveils R&B Anthem 'Lost 4 Wordz'

RozzzQween the Brummy’ Extraordinaire has built her sound from trauma, tumultuous relationships and life’s harshest lessons. Known for her jazzy and unique tone, she takes inspiration in references such as Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday and we find that in her music.

Hailing from Birmingham and now based in London, the singer has never forgotten her city, claiming that it is what has “carved her sound”. Proving her roots, she was nominated as best R&B/act at the Birmingham Music Awards 2022, as well as invited to perform at Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

ROZZZQWEEN is on a mission to empower women and her latest song is a perfect example of that.

'Lost 4 Wordz’ was inspired by what the artist personally experienced in her dating life. She realised that we live in a society where "Pick Me" culture has women feeling as though they have to be molded into the general shape of man's wants. ROZZZQWEEN is singing about the pressure women have to go through while trying to prove themselves to a man and this track is an anthem to the women who are tired of reshaping themselves.

Links: Instagram | Youtube | TikTok


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