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Sam Thomas: An Introduction To A Brilliant, New Artist

As I lifelong lover of hip/hop, I can admit that the genre can become a bit repetitive at times. It is always refreshing when a new artist shakes things up a bit. Sam Thomas is by no means a new artist, but he is quite new to this genre. As a former band member of various bands with various different sounds, he is no stranger to music or the music scene, but in hip/hop he has found his true calling. His new single, which dropped September 15th of this year, is called ‘No More’ and is a tasteful sounding track with a powerful message and plenty of rhythm to vibe along to.

The song features an electric guitar that strums through different, dreamy chords that create a gentle, yet swelling wave of feeling. It is the perfect backing track to Sam’s lyrics about personal struggles and setbacks. The songs unconventional pattern completely forgoes the traditional verse/chorus/repeat style and instead opts for a more creative single verse that builds to a rapturous chorus about freedom from the past.

This a strong introductory single to Sam Thomas if you haven't yet come across this artist before. I can only hope he has more in store for us, but I am satisfied for now with this incredible single which will be played on repeat in my house...

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Watch and listen to 'No More' here:


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