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Simon Jacobs Is Back With Single "Face The Music," A Pop Masterpiece of Emotional Resilience

Simon Jacobs, the independent singer-songwriter with a knack for fusing pop elements with incisive lyrics, has once again struck gold with his latest single, ‘Face The Music,’ released on May 24th.

This track sets the stage for his forthcoming 12-track album, ‘Strange Alien,’ and showcases Jacobs’ signature sound: a seamless blend of catchy choruses, harmonious vocals, and layered compositions.

‘Face The Music’ is a compelling track that delves into the emotional aftermath of a breakup. Jacobs’ deft songwriting captures the raw feelings of anger, betrayal, and resilience. His thoughtful lyrics, paired with a vibrant soundscape of synth, piano, acoustic guitar, loops, and samples, create an engaging and emotionally resonant experience. The song feels both deeply personal and universally relatable, echoing Jacobs' own experiences.

Jacobs' influences shine through in ‘Face The Music,’ with hints of Rufus Wainwright, Robbie Williams, Paul Simon, Randy Newman, and Troye Sivan. Yet, he maintains a unique voice that is distinctly his own. The melody of the track, which Jacobs notes came to him spontaneously in the middle of the night, is infectious and memorable. The rhythm and scan of each line are meticulously crafted, contributing to the song's effortless feel.

As we anticipate the release of ‘Strange Alien,’ it's clear that Jacobs is exploring new sonic territories. The album promises a tougher, more guitar-driven sound compared to his earlier work, with Jacobs’ characteristic humour adding an intriguing layer to his storytelling. Tracks like the whimsical title song ‘Strange Alien,’ the true-to-life ‘I Breathe With You,’ the introspective ‘My Imaginary Friend,’ and the amusing ‘Hayfever,’ showcase his versatility and wit.

Jacobs’ career, marked by over 2 million streams and a dedicated following, demonstrates his ability to blend polished artistry with constant innovation. His sixth album is set to reinforce this reputation, with ‘Face The Music’ leading the charge.

Overall, ‘Face The Music’ is a testament to Simon Jacobs' evolving artistry. It is a track that not only appeals to long-time fans but also has the potential to captivate a broader audience. As Jacobs continues to redefine pop with his sharp lyrics and dynamic compositions, ‘Face The Music’ stands out as a powerful and promising addition to his discography.

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