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Singer-Songwriter Carmela Shares Intimate Acoustic Offering 'Born to Lose You'

Carmela, the mesmerizing genre-bending artist hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, is captivating audiences with her unique blend of rock, blues, soul, and folk. With her sultry, soulful voice and vintage-inspired instrumentation, she breathes new life into the indie rock genre. Now, she unveils a delicate acoustic rendition of her newest single, 'Born to Lose You'.

The live recording features an all-female ensemble, with Carmela taking the lead on vocals, accompanied by the enchanting sounds of violins and a baby grand piano. This intimate version of the recently released single allows listeners to immerse themselves in the raw emotions conveyed through Carmela's heartfelt lyrics.

Initially perceived as a song about ending a romantic relationship, 'Born to Lose You' holds a deeper meaning for Carmela.

She reveals, "I wrote this song as an exploration of losing a parent before resolving any underlying issues. I believe that we are destined to experience the loss of our parents first, and coming to terms with this has been one of the most challenging aspects of my young-adulthood. Although it carries a weight, what made this rendition so exceptional was performing it in its stripped-down form alongside Julie Clark on piano, Maile Hutchinson and Rachel Grace on violins. This version of 'Born to Lose You' allows listeners to truly delve into the lyrics and relate them to their own personal stories of loss. Regardless of who you've lost, this song is for you."

Watch the music video:


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