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Singer-songwriter Meredith Louise shares new single ‘Mind Frame’ ahead of debut EP release

Meredith Louise is a neo-soul artist from Melbourne, now residing in Vancouver. She has recently released a new single ‘Mind Frame’, an empowering and optimistic offering that flaunts Meredith’s distinctive style.

“Mind Frame serves as a reminder that we can change our perspective at any time. In this world of noise, uncertainty and chaos, it's easy to feel pushed off course into anxiety and fear. But if we go within, the pathways to freedom, connection and joy can be found.” - Meredith Louise

Meredith seamlessly blends gentle jazz grooves with R&B melodies and keeps it fresh with modern pop sensibilities.

This latest single is the title track from Meredith Louise’s upcoming debut EP, which will release on March 31st!

Listen to ‘Mind Frame’ the single below:


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