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Singer-songwriter Prianca RA shows love for Liverpool FC with new single“Liverpool All The Way”

British-Indian singer and songwriter Prianca RA returns with a new anthem showing her support for Liverpool FC.

In past singles, Prianca RA has focused on opening up discussions on her journey through depression and anxiety. She’s back with something completely different and yet still true to her heart. Indeed, the artist has been a massive fan of Liverpool FC since she can remember. When she was 8 years old she remembered watching the Istanbul 2005 game. The fact that Liverpool won the Champions League kept her awake the whole night.

Over the years, her support for Liverpool FC never faded and has been a source of inspiration for the singer. It helped her to keep going and she gained a lot while being a part of such a close-knit community through Liverpool FC’s loyal fanbase.

If you’re a Liverpool fan, you don’t just collect trivia or memorabilia, you accumulate experiences. It takes a certain kind of loyalty to be a Reds fan, keeps hope alive through years. You support your team in the good and the bad and you give them hope. For a Reds fan, it’s the struggle and hope that inspire, not a ceaseless string of wins. It means more for the team that the fans have their back every single time and they push them - whether that be through chants in the crowd at a home or away game or even through a song like Liverpool All The Way - at Liverpool FC ‘this means more’ because you’re a part of something bigger.


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