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Sirocco Is Bound to Excite Indie Fans With Their New Track ‘Vertigo’

Released at the end of October 2021, Vertigo is the newest indie-rock fuelled catch for die-hard Oasis fans, who are looking for something new, bursting with excitement and freshness. Currently signed to Pillar Artists, the Newcastle based band is hoping to see some real progression into the new year and into 2022. Vertigo, no doubt encourages that, with its rememberable hook and its dramatic close – that you are anticipating every time you play the track.

What is most exciting about this release for current fans of Sirocco, is that we see the introduction of new member, Jess Barrett – keyboardist and singer. Her distinctive voice, in comparison to the rest of the group, adds an unheard-of edge to this track, as we hear her echoing the vocal line of Lewis, the frontman.

In terms of live shows, the band are expected to improve the richness and quality of their performances, even further, with pre-recorded backing tracks. This will allow for a stronger, more amplified reproduction of their songs in live settings, providing a show that fans will not want to miss.

Keep your eye out for potential live performance dates but meanwhile, visit Sirocco on their relevant social media platforms, here:

Facebook / Twitter/ Instagram / Spotify


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