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Sone Shares Soulful New Single "Happy"

Photo Credit: Tristan Ladwein

Hailing from New York, USA, and now based in Hamburg, Germany, singer-songwriter Sone is back with her new single "Happy", Following the success of her debut single “Here to Stay”, Sone continues to mesmerize listeners with her heartfelt songwriting, captivating production, and enchanting vocal delivery in this alt-indie track.

Sone’s passion for music and performance began at a young age. Driven by her love for singing and interacting with audiences, she pursued her musical dreams all the way to Germany. There, she studied opera at the Hochschule für Musik und Theatre Hamburg, earning a bachelor’s degree and honing her vocal prowess.

While in Germany, Sone seized every opportunity to grow as an artist. She explored modeling, experimented with different musical styles, and even performed in a band, expanding her skills in songwriting and lyrical composition. Through her diverse musical journey, she discovered her true calling: songwriting. Despite her deep appreciation for opera, she found her greatest joy in crafting intimate and relatable songs.

With her new single "Happy", Sone channels her creative energy into a composition that is both vulnerable and genuine. Written during a reflective stroll, the lyrics and melody flowed naturally, marking a significant moment in her personal and artistic journey.

"Happy" delves into Sone’s struggles and a pivotal point in her life. After ending a serious relationship, she embarked on a quest to redefine true happiness. The song captures the universal experience of uncertainty and the quest for self-discovery, as Sone grapples with what it means to be genuinely happy.

The single showcases Sone’s raw and mysterious vocals, creating a captivating and distinctive sound. The alt-indie track encapsulates the emotional journey from sadness to joy, enveloping listeners in its enchanting soundscapes.

With self-reflective lyrics and poignant instrumentation, "Happy" embodies the desire for joy. The production features bass, drums, guitar, and piano, all complementing Sone’s compelling vocals. The track is a testament to her ability to let go of expectations and embrace her own light.

Sone shares, “‘Happy’ is about not standing in your own way - and letting yourself let go and be... happy.”

"Happy" is an endearing, resonant, and soothing track that promises to be one of the most exciting songs of 2024. Join Sone on this rollercoaster of emotions and let her music take you on a journey to genuine happiness.


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