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Spotlight: Rising Hip-hop Star Marcus Alland

Marcus Alland is ready to take the world by storm, one song at a time. Inspired by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Hit-Boy, and Chris Brown, this US artist is most definitely one to watch. We shine a light on Alland's talents by taking a closer look at his epic single 'Young Black & Gifted'...

'Young Black & Gifted' has a killer beat and an epic message. It's a song about taking control of your own destiny and realising your greatness. This track is hiphop gold, with attitude and heartfelt emotion all wrapped into one. We can sense the longing of the speaker, spitting lyrics which are super emotive and delivered with absolute confidence. There’s a rhythmic sample forming the core of the beat which is both melodic and memorable.

Although New York will always be Alland's home, he and his family moved to Prince George's County, Maryland during his youth. In his new kingdom, he would soon learn what his destiny was meant to be. At aged 14, he discovered his passion for music in church. Yet it wasn't the choir, dancers or ushers who sparked the flame but the drummer. The beats of the drum quickly captured Alland's attention and soon after he began his journey. Ever since, Alland has been mastering his craft with the help of his older brother.

The insatiable party vibe of 'Young Black & Gifted' will have you yearning for nights out again post-lockdown. It has a mellow feel which is also upbeat at the same time, as a swaying groove draws you in from start to finish. Marcus Alland is certainly one to watch and we expect big things from this artist.

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