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Taigenz Opens the Door to Afro-Beat Fusion in "Knock My Door"

Montreal-based hip-hop artist Taigenz unveils the vibrant visuals for his latest afro-beat fusion single, 'Knock My Door,' and invites listeners into a world where musical boundaries dissolve. The track, a melodic journey with infectious vocals and danceable grooves, narrates a tale of temptation, hidden romance, and the allure of venturing where one shouldn't.

Crafted in collaboration with Latino producer Nueva Vista, 'Knock My Door' is a testament to Taigenz's refusal to be confined by genre constraints. The song seamlessly blends diverse musical influences, with melodic xylophone riffs, Taigenz's dynamic vocals, and an Afro-beat-infused rhythm that beckons listeners to the dance floor. The chorus, embellished by Marion Brunelle's silky vocals, croons about the irresistible call of forbidden love - "If you knock my door / You ain't going home."

Speaking on the track Taigenz elaborates, "The song is about going somewhere to look for a bit of trouble with someone you're not supposed to be with. It's the first single off my upcoming project where I fully represent the bridge that connects my African roots to my North American upbringing."


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