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TEASERS Blossom with "Dead Flowers": A Glimpse into Toxic Love

TEASERS, the four-piece rock sensation hailing from Mantua, Italy, have set the music scene ablaze with their highly anticipated new single, "Dead Flowers." Comprising Diego (Voice and guitar), Leo (Guitar), Paolo (Bass), and Carbo (Drums), this dynamic band thrives on live performances and a burning desire to connect with their audience.

The band ethos, as TEASERS describe it, embodies the idea that the life of a musician is an eternal apprenticeship where the paramount objective is to always have fun. This philosophy shines through in their latest single, "Dead Flowers." An eclectic and imaginative track, it draws inspiration from a variety of noughties rock influences, culminating in an anthemic alt-rock masterpiece.

"Dead Flowers" is packed with hooky rock riffs, impactful drum beats, and an abundance of energy that is sure to leave listeners exhilarated. The track is a sonic rollercoaster that immerses you in its infectious rhythms, inviting you to become part of its musical journey.

Watch TEASERS ‘Dead Flowers’ :


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