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Tedi Brunetti Releases Epic New Track 'Eat, Sleep, Repeat'

This July saw the release of epic new track 'Eat, Sleep, Repeat.' from Tedi Brunetti. A sauntering and sultry single with tons of swag, this is an unforgettable gem that you need to hear...

Taken from the album nine-track album "The Queen of Pittsburgh", this is one for those who truly want to take a moment to switch off. Complete with an engaging video set in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we also get to see Tedi up close and personal playing drums and singing with fierce emotion.

Her sound is fresh and spontaneous, and it feels incredibly appealing and relatable, particularly because of the way in which the artist is able to balance clever and personal songwriting with some amazing creative kooks that help the music stand out. The song has a familiar element to it, given the fact that it has roots in jazz music with a super smooth vibe. However, Tedi's approach escapes easy categorisations, always a good sign of something extra-ordinary.

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