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Ten Eighty Trees Set To Release Rock Anthem ‘Born Free’

It’s safe to say we are all in need of a pick-me-up right now. Well, luckily for us, up and coming band Ten Eighty Trees are set to release a single so full of life it’ll have you head banging in your lockdown bedroom. With their upcoming single ‘Born Free,’ Ten Eighty Trees are expanding their highly respected roster of singles with their most fully realised track to date.

Employing subtle nods to other genres when the music permits, Ten Eighty Trees are the genre-fusing outfit set to carve a space in the modern musical landscape. With already BBC Radio 6 recognising their collective talent, it’s evident that this is just the beginning for the group. Made up of Nathan Newton, Lewis Glaholm and Michael Mather, the group have flourished out of the grey industrial outskirts of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. This fairly new band is making waves in the alt rock scene with their uniquely blended brand of rock.

‘Born Free’ is the fiery, energetic anthem set to storm the scene on it’s release on the 5th of February. Nathan Newton’s vibrant vocals speak on the conflict between fate and coincidence, feelings of dissatisfaction are prominent throughout but are juxtaposed by suggestions of potential and possibilities waiting to be realised. All this narrative is translated through the tantalising tones of Nathan’s vocals. Both Lewis Glaholm’s brilliant bass and Michael Mather’s dynamic drum lines curate a thick sonic landscape rich with all the electric energy you’d expect from a group in their prime. Ten Eighty Trees are no pastiche, however, but instead toe the line between patience and power, graciously guiding us through the hills and valley’s of this sensational song. With nearly twenty thousand streams on Spotify alone, it’s evident Ten Eighty Trees are gearing up for a big year. So, whilst our freedom is somewhat limited crank up ‘Born Free’ and let Ten Eighty Trees transport you into their sonic universe of utter musical bliss.

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