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TERRENCE615 Shares His Unique Sounds on Fresh New Track 'New Season'

TERRENCE615 recently dropped his stunning EP 'Air, Angels & Afterthoughts'. A clear stand out in the 7 track release is the uplifting 'New Season', Radiating euphoria from the outset, ‘New Season’ is an empowering track that takes the listener on a reflective journey.

"New Season is packaged nostalgia and is a reminder to look back at how much progress you've made!

I think the reason the lyrics for this song came about was due to the fact of feeling so down about not making progress with the song we were first working on and then feeling a burst of inspiration from the fresh new sounds. It was a huge feeling of nostalgia because I was looking back but thinking forward at the same time.

Listen to 'New Season':

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, the artist credits his religious upbringing and his enthusiasm for hip-hop and rap music as making him the artist he is today. Now he is keen to make music that resonates with people through expressing his own emotions.

“Music is energy and to be able to put my genuine feelings into the air for others to experience and feel is spiritual.”

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