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‘The Best Time of My Life’: The Latest Track From Sophie Jupillat Posey

Released in the early part of this year, on the 24th of June, The Best Time of My Life is the latest composition from Sophie J. Posey. Inspired by the travels that Sophie and her husband took around Europe, the record is, an ode to love. The song highlights some of the fondest memories that they shared on their adventures, as it is suggested by the track title. With an air of Ella Fitzgerald, notable for being one of the greatest of all time jazz singers, Posey captures a purity within this piece; her sixteen years of classical training not at all going to waste.

With a composer full of potential, and already having worked on a variety of different musical projects for others, forming scores to short films and music videos to mention, Posey has really started to now show the exploration into her own artistry and musical identity, with The Best Time of My Life.

Not to go unnoticed, this release was excitingly accompanied by a music video; the script being constructed entirely by Sophie herself. Shakumbhari Singh directing and producing the video, who was clearly able to translate the lyrics into evocative visuals.

Check out the music video to The Best Time of My Life here:


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