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The Californian-based R&B Artist Taking The Industry By Storm


Enter AFTXERPXRTY, a rising R&B star you need on your playlists in 2022. The California based singer is climbing up the ranks with his new latest single ‘Never Enough’ and here’s all you need to know about the artist wowing songwriters signed up to Warner Bros.

After being consumed into a dark and emotional state, AFTXERPXRTY wrote ‘Never Enough’ and is enlightening the world on the pressures of other people's expectations for you but never quite living up to them, this is a topic that AFTXERPXRTY feels very deeply for, resulting in a sweeping sound that has goosebumps forming on your body just from the instrumentals. But this is exactly what AFTXERPXRTY wanted to create, with talent evident as his he knew he could influence and inspire others all from his soothing vocals that can be compared to artists like FRVRFRIDAY, Aaryan Shah, and TheWeeknd. He also has the ability to paint vivid pictures by the use of imagery in his lyricism.

“Whether it be a parent, brother, sister, friend, or lover. The title is how I was feeling at the time because of a relationship I was in and channeling the pain of that feeling is what led to the creation of this song.” - AFTXERPXRTY

His flexibility in producing both soft and powerful R&B has led to a very specific taste in the rhythms he listens to. Finally, for each song he records, he publishes a delayed and reverbed version to add diversity to the sound he's creating, hence, making him an extremely unique artist with lots of potentials.

After a five year break from music, AFTXERPXRTY has gained over 1 million streams on Spotify within the first 8 months of releasing songs, now if that’s not star potential I don't know what is, furthermore, AFTXERPXRTY has also collaborated with many industries recognised companies such as EESTBOUND, who has frequently worked with Wondagurl and Travis Scott’s “Antidote.”

There’s no telling how quickly it's going to take until AFTXERPXRTY becomes the new alpha in the industry, so if I was you, I’d follow him now and stream ‘Never Enough’ and see the exploding talent and soothing melodies that can transform your moods into a trance of awe.

Listen now:


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