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The Garnetts Return with Infectious Indie-Pop Anthem "Still Running"

Liverpool-based indie-pop sensation, The Garnetts, are back with a bang, dropping their latest single "Still Running". With a sound that's been described as a vibrant blend of influences ranging from HAIM to The Strokes and Talking Heads, The Garnetts have been making waves in the music scene, selling out venues and garnering attention from both critics and fans alike.

Produced by the acclaimed Ben Harper, "Still Running" is a song filled with bright guitars, tight drums, and captivating vocals. It's the kind of track that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of autumn creeping in with its shorter days and colder nights, yet it carries an undeniable energy that keeps you moving.

At its core, "Still Running" is a reflection of the struggles and aspirations of modern life. The band delves into the theme of chasing dreams despite the challenges and societal pressures to conform to a predetermined path. It's about finding the courage to pursue what truly matters, even if it means sacrificing comfort and stability.

Recorded at the iconic Liverpool Motor Museum, "Still Running" marks a significant milestone in The Garnetts' musical journey. Collaborating with Ben Harper, the band pushed creative boundaries, experimenting with nuanced percussion, laid-back pads, and even incorporating piano into their signature guitar-led indie sound. The result is a track that not only showcases their musical skills but also hints at their evolution as artists.

Fans can catch The Garnetts live at various upcoming events, including performances at Poynton Party Festival in June and Hale Barns Festival in July. Make sure to follow the band so you don't miss any upcoming gigs:


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