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The Lost Gecko to release entrancing new single ‘Brothers’

Cork-Based Trio The Lost Gecko, are back with their newest single ‘Brothers’ set to be released on June 30th. The track starts of slowly with an acoustic guitar and vocal layered over the top of the instrumental. It builds with the addition of the violin and angelic faint sounding backing harmonies which helps to add drama to this track, further personifying the message sonically.

The coupling of the harder ‘oh ya hee yah’ backing vocals over the guitar adds more grit and strength to the song, a truly stellar arrangement and utilisation of the resources used to create this song. The momentum of the track builds as different instruments are introduced gradually taking you up a mountain so to speak. The key message of the song does not get lost on the listener, it addresses the importance of community and compassion for one another in our times of need. A message which will resonate with every listener especially in these uncertain times, the song asserts itself as a symbolic beacon of hope and guidance in how to manoeuvre yourself in these times. It is both inspirational and heart-warming, the track is well designed so that you can hear each instrument in its entirety while also digesting the meaning of the song at the same time. If this any like what we will be hearing from their upcoming EP ‘Scatterbox’ then we are in for a treat!

PRE-SAVE 'Brothers' HERE

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