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The Silver Lines Unleash Intensity with New Single "Cocaine"

Photo by @dka.demon

Birmingham's alt-rock scene is ablaze with excitement as The Silver Lines drop their latest bombshell, "Cocaine". Released on March 1st, this gritty single is a fierce departure from their previous work, showcasing the band's evolution into uncharted punk territory.

Taken from their upcoming EP, ‘…And The Lord Don’t Think I Can Handle It', "Cocaine" is a rollercoaster that plunges listeners into a whirlwind of raw energy and provocative lyricism. With relentless guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and driving basslines, the track pulses with intensity from start to finish.

The Silver Lines aren't holding back with this release. They've embraced a Soft Play-esque ferocity, crafting a sound that's both abrasive and addictive. But there's more to "Cocaine" than meets the ear.

The band's exploration of ambiguity and wordplay brings the song to another level, inviting listeners to decipher its meaning. Is cocaine literal or metaphorical? The answer lies within the song's poetic structure, with unconventional verses and refrains mirroring the manic journey of its subject matter.

In the band's own words, "Cocaine" is a statement—a bold assertion of their musical prowess and willingness to push boundaries. From its relentless tempo to its adrenaline-fueled breakdowns, the track is a visceral experience that demands attention.

Upcoming Live Dates:

9th March - The New New Festival, Dallas, Texas, USA

11th March - Valhalla, SXSW, USA

14th March - Valhalla, SXSW, USA

April 3rd - Le Brise Glace, Annecy, France

April 4th - L’Antonnoir, Besancon , France

April  5th - God Save Clermont Festival, Clermont-Ferand, France

April 6th - Le Dancing, Sete , France

April 10th - Le Pingouin, Arthez-de-Berne, France

April 11th - Les Abbatoirs, Cognac, France

April 12th - Supersonic, Paris, France

April 13th - Le Metaphone, Oignies, France

May 25th - A Stone’s Throw Festival, Newcastle, UK

July 27th - Festival de la Mer, Landunvez, France

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