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Theresa Sets the Stage for Summer with New Single ‘Vacation’

Theresa is making waves this summer with her latest single, ‘Vacation,’ a vibrant addition to her eclectic sound. This upbeat and infectiously energetic bop channels the spirited vibe reminiscent of a classic Madonna soundtrack, promising to be the ultimate anthem for the season.

The inspiration for ‘Vacation’ struck Theresa during a serene stay at the Beloved Playa Mujeres resort in Mexico, where the lyrics and melody unexpectedly took shape—beginning in the unlikeliest of places: the bathroom. The catchy refrain, “vacation… vacation… let’s get away on holiday,” emerged spontaneously and stuck with the artist throughout her trip.

The song truly came to life during a productive songwriting session in Los Angeles in March 2023, where Theresa collaborated with Lu D of Mystery Skulls. In just a few hours, they crafted the infectious tune that captures the essence of carefree escapism. With final production touches from Mike MacAllister, ‘Vacation’ radiates the perfect blend of optimism and summer vibes, embodying the spirit of a much-needed getaway.

‘Vacation’ is not just a song; it’s a celebration of freedom and the joy of exploration. Its infectious beat, catchy melody, and unwaveringly optimistic lyrics make it an ideal soundtrack as summer approaches, promising to lift spirits and evoke a sense of adventure in listeners worldwide.

As Theresa prepares to release ‘Vacation,’ she invites music lovers to join her on this exhilarating journey filled with sun-soaked melodies and carefree vibes. Get ready to hit play and let ‘Vacation’ transport you to your favorite getaway destination, wherever that may be.

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