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TLUXX's Releases Euphoric Progressive House Track 'Avalon'

LA-based artist TLUXX has just dropped a stand-out progressive house track “Avalon” with guest vocals from Brieanna Grace...

In “Avalon”, TLUXX opens up about love and relationships, setting the tone for a new modern-dubstep vibe for listeners to enjoy. The suspense-filled track is sure to send shivers down your spine from the very opening. Gorgeous layers of piano and guitar, together with a brooding synth mid-section set the scene beautifully, and the haunting guest vocals are super powerful. The song then erupts into a full-blown energetic dance track with a euphoric quality to it, somewhat reminiscent of the dance great Avicii. This is a mesmerising track and a real gem to find in a scene saturated with generic songwriting. Here, we have a euphoric and unforgettable track that is clearly the work of great skill, with utterly flawless production. This belongs in a huge Ibiza nightclub.

“Avalon” is available now on all major platforms, including Spotify:

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