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U-Sayn Breaks Musical Boundaries with "NOT A REAL ONE"

Get ready to experience a musical revelation as artist and music producer U-Sayn unveils his latest project, "NOT A REAL ONE". This remarkable track defies genre conventions, seamlessly blending French rap, delivered by the talented French rapper Lil Menthol, with a soulful R&B chorus, beautifully interpreted by the extraordinary vocals of Frannie ELs.

"NOT A REAL ONE" isn't just a musical masterpiece that fuses hip-hop, R&B, and classical music—it's also a poignant narrative of betrayal among friends and the accompanying disappointments. The song delves into the painful experience of being spoken ill behind one's back and packages this message within a powerful musical composition.

The live-played cello lends "NOT A REAL ONE" a unique depth and emotional intensity. The combination of Lil Menthol's powerful rap verses, Frannie EL's sensitive vocals, and the classical sound of the cello makes this song a truly exceptional musical experience.

With "NOT A REAL ONE," U-Sayn once again proves his talent for weaving different musical elements into a harmonious and moving work. The song reflects U-Sayn's ability to break traditional genre boundaries and take listeners on an emotional journey.


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