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Velvet Two Stripes Don't Give a 'Sugar Honey Iced Tea' on New Album

Some routes lead to dead ends. Velvet Two Stripes (Sophie and Sara Diggelmann and Franca Mock) came to this realization after their liaison with Berlin for the Got Me Good EP in 2017. It didn’t lead them where they wanted to go. The three of them aren’t trained mannequins planning to sell out their sound based on blues, garage, fuzz and riot grrrl punk at the next best occasion – or sell it all gimmicky to live up to a hype that the band will surely give a damn about. They learned from their experiences and for better results to just count on only themselves. That’s why Velvet Two Stripes released their second album Devil Dance on their own in 2019. There’s even no need for any label. All that counts is a full-blown D.I.Y.-attitude. And with exactly that they already have gotten a few steps ahead. Their new album ‘Sugar Honey Iced Tea’ is slated for release on October 15th.

Velvet Two Stripes have been giving us a taste across 2021 of their upcoming album. Including the fiery track ‘Fever’ and the sassy single ‘Two to Tango’, now the blues-rock trio are ready to unveil the full project ‘Sugar Honey Iced Tea’. Featuring nine fuzzing and buzzing beasts of songs, the album shows off the one-of-a-kind sound of the blues-rock female force that is Velvet Two Stripes. Highlights from the album include the focus track ‘This House is Built on Sand’, a track that shows off the band’s musicality, incorporating a banjo that really sets the haunting tone for the single. ‘Catch 22’ is a slower and more soulful offering but every bit as rich as their most powerful tracks. Velvet Two Stripes aren’t afraid to get personal and political in their music and often draw from their own experiences which can be heard on the penultimate track ‘FU’. “That track points out the at times awful confrontations, encounters and contradictions that women are experiencing all day every day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a musician on or beside the stage, as a university student, a teacher or a barkeeper.” Velvet Two Stripes add. In 2020 Velvet Two Stripes’ tour ended two weeks before hitting the studio to record ‘Sugar Honey Iced Tea’. They got invited by the young and adventurous producer Nick Kaufmann into the Relief Studios in Belfaux in the Western part of Switzerland. The first day in the studio is the first day of the Swiss lockdown. “While our friends are confronted with Corona and isolation we have been in our own bubble aside from the pandemic and apocalyptic moods. But our trip to the studio from Zurich to Belfaux was strange. There were no cars on the highways – but we encountered military tanks and trucks.” The governmental decreed isolation underlines the band’s solitude even more. “Because we were in the hinterland, surrounded by cows and dung, completely walled-off from our ordinary lives, our jobs and university, we could focus entirely on the recordings. All this lead to an atmosphere much more intimate. We fiddled about from early mornings till late at night.”

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