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Velvet Two Stripes share unifying new single ‘Idaho’

Velvet Two Stripes, a band with an unwavering spirit and a forward momentum, break free from any enchantment. Sophie and Sara Diggelmann, along with Franca Mock, share a musical journey spanning 15 years, and their determination to push ahead remains steadfast.

Their upcoming album, 'No Spell For Moving Water,' set to release this autumn, promises to be their most diverse and multifaceted work to date. With three singles already unveiled, Velvet Two Stripes now introduces a softer and more romantic track titled 'Idaho'. Recorded in the studios of Portland, Oregon, this song serves as a heartfelt tribute to the time spent there and the cherished memories created.

The recording process for 'Idaho' was an absolute joy, capturing the bittersweet emotions of bidding farewell to the studio and newfound friends in Portland. The camaraderie is beautifully showcased in the choir at the song's conclusion, where everyone involved in the recording joined together. According to Velvet Two Stripes, this song is not only about friendship but also about self-discovery.

Watch the music video below:


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