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Virtue Scripts defy genre once again on new single ‘Heading for the Light’

Virtue Scripts, a creative collective spearheaded by the visionary Prudence Oliver, is an unstoppable force of exploration, always on the lookout for exciting new projects.

Their newest release, a pop-rock single called 'Heading for the Light', promises to be a game-changer. The track is a fusion of bluesy tones, and the accompanying music video is a poignant visual representation of its haunting essence. Prudence, the driving force behind the project, wrote, produced, and directed the single, showcasing her diverse talents.

'Heading for the Light' was inspired by Prudence's late mother, and she dedicated it to her by playing the track on the anniversary of her passing at her graveside. This act of love and remembrance fueled Prudence's passion to create a captivating project around the single, resulting in its stunning production. In her own words, "We all face our own battles in life, and I wanted to create a song that everyone can relate to."

Experience the creativity and emotional depth that Virtue Scripts is renowned for.

Watch the music video:


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