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Vocal Powerhouse Sabina Releases Self-Love Anthem ‘Somebody Else’

Vocal powerhouse SABINA’s has recently released her latest ‘Somebody Else’, a powerful anthem destined to resonate with anyone tired of seeking external validation. Emerging from a transformative period in her life, SABINA's journey has led her to over four million Spotify streams and solidified her status as a pop-ballad powerhouse since her breakout hit, the Russian anthem ‘Dagestan’. This new track masterfully blends elements of pop, R&B, and soul, highlighting the unwavering importance of self-love and marking a significant evolution in her artistic journey.

‘Somebody Else’ is a testament to SABINA’s impactful sound, exploring themes of self-belief, belonging, and inner strength. The song opens with a delicate piano line, setting the stage for SABINA’s tender yet powerful vocals. As the track progresses, it evolves into a rich, R&B-infused soundscape, bursting with punchy drum lines and a driving bass melody. Signature harmonies and ad-libs from SABINA are ever-present, showcasing her continuous vocal evolution. Her ability to convey a rich emotional journey through her vocal performance remains unmatched, further cementing her place as a powerhouse of pop ballads. Reflecting on the creation of ‘Somebody Else,’ SABINA shared,

“I started writing ‘Somebody Else’ a few years ago. It reflects a moment in my life when I realized that what I had been doing until that point was driven by fear, not love. It was a painful realization that forced me to change. From that moment on, I learned how to flex a love muscle, not a fear one. Eventually, I grew stronger and broke the chains that were holding me back.”

Based in New York City, SABINA has captivated audiences with her pop and soul-infused singles since her debut in 2009. She first gained fame in Russia with her single ‘Dagestan,’ a national anthem that earned global recognition as the walkout song for two-time world champion UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov. This deeply personal and intimate song has been played in iconic venues like Madison Square Garden, propelling SABINA into the spotlight. Reflecting on this, she said,

"Hearing a very intimate and sincere love letter to the place where I was born and spent my childhood being played in Madison Square Garden and other big arenas as a soundtrack to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s success has been unbelievable.”

Fueled by this achievement, SABINA relocated to New York City, where she has continued to expand her discography with emotionally charged singles. Her vocal prowess is characterized by a blend of power and intimacy, with lyrics that delve into themes of vulnerability, inner strength, and self-discovery. Influenced by artists like Elton John, Adele, and Sting, SABINA’s emphasis on storytelling through melody is evident in each of her singles. She notes,

“I feel deeply and, usually, over-analyse everything, so I have a lot of thoughts that need to be put on paper and, in my case, on the keys too. That feeling, when I realize that I’ve just created something special, and reached the depth of my soul to put parts of it in the music is incomparable.”

With ‘Somebody Else,’ SABINA continues to push the boundaries of her artistry, offering a powerful anthem that encourages listeners to find strength and validation within themselves. This track is an impressive addition to her growing repertoire, marking an exciting new chapter in her musical evolution.

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