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VVEST's Saxophone-Driven New Track 'Bad Move Baby' is Perfect for Summer 2022

The newest release from East Coast American artist and producer, VVEST (pronounced west), is a catchy tune called Bad Move Baby. It starts out with a bit of light and jangly tambourine, letting us know early on that the summer vibes are strong. Then the vocals enter the equation as VVEST starts rapping and ad-libbing, as well as singing some high-pitched vocal harmonies. The song keeps gradually progressing and building anticipation. At the 15-second point after the line “you better pay me with interest”, we hear the first bit of groovy, Spanish-style saxophone played by VVEST’s friend, Frankie IV. Trust me, once you hear this infectiously groovy sax riff, you won’t forget it.

Bad Move Baby shows us that he’s experimenting and consciously trying to differ from his usual style of rap and hip-hop. Whilst there are still some elements of rap and hip-hop in this song, it’s much more subtle than on his previous releases. He’s said “bye” to the hi-hats and “See ya later” to the 808s, and instead opted for more live instruments.

The catchy chorus is easy to sing along to with the title of the song being the lyrical focal point, and paired with that sweet, sweet saxophone and tambourine, it’s not hard to imagine this song being popular at lots of outdoor events this summer, at beaches and on fields around the world.

VVEST is a very prolific and self-sufficient artist, releasing three full-length albums last year, all on his own record label, Tarte Empire. And he’s not stopping there, as he also wrote, recorded and engineered this new track, released on his own label yet again. The sky truly is the limit for VVEST; he’s definitely one to keep an eye on.


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